About NTS Mart


                NTS Mart Ltd. with Seven Five Distributer began their marketing strategy in Thailand since 2012. On 12 August 2014, NTS Mart Co., Ltd. (China), one of the world leading company which retained huge distribution channel in China. Seven Five Distributor Co.,Ltd, Thailand’s leading kitchen tools distributer in which also well known in ASEAN and Yaowawong Holding Company Limited, an expert in finance and investment agreed to create a joint venture under NTS Mart Ltd. Thailand. Its primary mission is to provide one stop shopping services for foodservice and hospitality industries in Thailand. In order to fully respond to customer demand, organized showroom and website had been engineered to display our products and fully support various wants and needs.


                Due to the great vision and the commitment to lead in hospitality and kitchen tools industries, the company is very strict for their quality, service, pricing, research and management. Therefore the company is ready to shift to the right track to catch up with the market and is looking forward to opportunities and business allies for great success and to enhance quality of the whole business to increase the customer satisfaction.


                Nowadays, there are currently up to 15,000 varieties of products including tables and buffet line utensils, restaurant wares, kitchen wares, lobby wares, guest room wares, linen, furniture, cooking and cleaning machine etc. To react to the needs and fulfill the customer satisfaction, our official website is now registered online and our showroom is open for both display and products trial.


                Although our primary market is Thailand, we have a long term strategy to expand the market to the whole ASEAN for reputation and recognition to our quality and service standards. We are dedicated to be the world best one stop shopping who provide our precious customers the best price, products and service.





" Devoted to lead the whole distribution channel for foodservice and hospitality products in Thailand and ASEAN "


Sell the best quality products with high end service and reasonable price to fulfill customer satisfaction 

Expand the hospitality and kitchen wares market in Thailand and ASEAN 

Organized and develop both the system and pull of staffs potential ability

Develop good relationship for both customers and business partners